Unit4 CAMS Enterprise is an established, proven academic ERP system used in over 160 Higher Education institutions. Ideal for institutions with smaller student populations, and limited budgets and IT departments, Unit4 CAMS Enterprise is a world-class solution that will meet your institution's needs without sacrificing functionality or quality.

One system

Admissions, Registration, Student Billing, Financial Aid, Advancement, Student Services and more, all operating on a single, secure, shared database.

Modern technology

Modern, responsively designed portals provide access to faculty and students, even on mobile devices, and is offered either as an on-premise or a private hosted cloud solution.

Rapid results

CAMS Enterprise is implemented quickly and easily so you start benefiting from your investment right away.

One comprehensive system

Unit4 CAMS Enterprise’s fully integrated academic ERP solution manages the full admissions-to-alumni lifecycle in a single system that keeps your data organized, accessible and without duplication.

Integrated data is shared across all functions, enabling easy, real-time access to the same information by all stakeholders.

Boost campus-wide productivity

Easy to manage

Hard-to-manage administrative systems are a drain on your institution’s resources, painful to configure and update, and always in need of IT support.

CAMS Enterprise is easy to set up and maintain with a point-and-click management interface and industry-standard Microsoft technology that fits right into your existing infrastructure.

Simple to learn

CAMS Enterprise is easy to learn with its intuitive design and consistent navigation structure—learn one menu or screen, and you understand them all.

The solution is set up with the terminology you already use so there is no additional learning curve, no codes to memorize, and no new terms to learn.

Outstanding ROI

CAMS Enterprise combines all the online information and services that students expect in one efficient solution.

With complete functionality and all your data in one integrated database, CAMS eliminates the frustrations and costs of piecing together solutions, and resulting in savings of up to 50-75%.


  • "In four months we replaced four different campus systems with CAMS Enterprise. Now we have one system and one vendor to operate our entire campus. CAMS Enterprise’s advanced Web-based technology conforms to the way we do business, while allowing us to offer services that were not possible with our previous vendor."

    - Jud Hicks, President

  • “CAMS Enterprise is comprehensive and robust, yet easy to use and provides everything we were looking for in one, integrated system."

    - Florence Dunn, Founding President

Enhanced experience for all


CAMS Enterprise allows students to access up-to-date, reliable information and services online throughout the entire student lifecycle.

Prospective students have online access to everything they need to streamline applications, admissions and enrollment.

Enrolled students have “one-stop” access to grades, financial aid, communications, registration, and all the information and services they need.


Administrators need real-time access to business intelligence tools and up-to-the-minute data across all offices, departments and campuses. You don’t have time to wait for slow batch integration of data or long-delayed help desk tickets to generate routine reports.

With CAMS Enterprise you can conduct instantaneous, sophisticated business analysis and access vital information via easy-to-read and configurable dashboards.


Faculty have many responsibilities, from teaching and research to academic advising and institutional service. CAMS Enterprise makes managing those responsibilities easier with browser-based access to the information and teaching tools they need.

CAMS Enterprise provides synchronous advisement tools for students and advisors, accessible 24/7 from any browser, as well as an online grade book with electronic grade submission to the registrar’s office for efficient data transfer.

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